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Bantam- Bobtail Cochin Hatching Egg (Available Now)

Bantam- Bobtail Cochin Hatching Egg (Available Now)

$ 5.00

I have two pens of these beautiful birds. The bantam cochins are simply one of my favorite breeds of chicken.  They have so much personality.  I couldn't resist when I had the chance to trade to get these birds as chicks last year.

In my CO2 pen I do have a mottled cochin and a black pullet so you may get some different looking chicks from those eggs.  I just wanted to keep her and I only have these colors so she's in there.  I will be hatching my first batch of eggs here in a couple weeks so I will make sure the chicks are distinctly different, but I don't suspect identifying them will be a problem. 

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