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Hatching Egg Codes

Below is the current list of hatching egg codes as of 04/17/17  When pens are pure from one source or two sources crossed, I have listed the origin.  Other pens are simply "mine" in that I have brought in at least 3-4 different sources and have been breeding them for years.  They have excellent diversity of lines but at this point I consider them mine as they are not directly related to ANY other birds out there.  When I fill chick orders, I pull from multiple pens and band accordingly so you may know which birds are unrelated. 

1 of 6: Silkies, sizzles, frilkies-- variety of colors including columbian, blue, black, splash, and cuckoo. 

2 of 6: 

3 of 6: Silkies-- black and silver partridge

4 of 6: Silkies and frilkies-- variety

5 of 6: Silkies, sizzles, and frilkies-- variety

6 of 6: Orpington-  Blue silver laced

55: Autosexing-- 55 Flowery hens (Greenfire)

AC: Fibro-- Ayam Cemani

AC2: Fibro-- Ayam Cemani

AOE: Autosexing-- Olive egger

AOE2: Autosexing-- Olive egger

AOE3: Autosexing-- Olive egger

B/BCO: Orpington- blue roo over blue cuckoo hens. will produce solid females, cuckoo males in blue, black and splash.

B/LM: Marans- isabel roo over lavender hens

B/LO: Orpington- Black/black split to lavender

BBSCM: Marans- blue copper roo over blue, black, and splash copper hens-- yields blue, black, splash copper (Bev Davis and Wade Jean)

BBSMO: Orpington- splash mottled roo over blue split to mottled hens and mottled hens-- yields blue and splash spangled/mottled and some blue and splash split to spangled/mottled

BBSMO2:  Orpington- blue/black/splash mottled

BBSMO3:  Orpington- blue/black/splash mottled

BBSMO4:  Orpington- blue/black/splash mottled (was M/BMO)

BBSO: Orpington- blue roo over blue, black, splash hens-- yields blue, black, splash 

BB/PO: Orpington- second generation of partridge x blue and black orpingtons

BB/CO: Orpington- Orpington- blue/buff columbian project

BCOLO: Orpington- buff cuckoo columbian over lemon cuckoo project

BF: Bielefelder (direct from GFF)

BF2: Bielefelder (direct from Brinkhaven Acres)

BJ/J1: Orpington- blue jubilee roo over jubilee hens-- yields blue jubilee and jubilee (made here on the farm, 5th generation)

BJ/J2: Orpington- blue jubilee roo over jubilee hens-- yields blue jubilee and jubilee  (made here on the farm, 5th generation)

BLRO: Orpington; blue/black/splash laced red project

BLRW: Wyandotte- Blue laced red roo over blue, black and splash laced hens-- yields blue, black, and splash laced red

BSLO: Orpington-- silver laced roo over blue silver laced hens

C/M/BO: Orpington- chocolate roo over spangled/mottled and black hens-- yields black split to chocolate and black split to spangled/mottled and chocolate cockerels and chocolate and chocolate split to spangled/mottled pullets.

C/MO2: Orpington- chocolate/chocolate split to mottled

CCO: Orpington- chocolate cuckoo (will produce chocolate cuckoo and some straight chocolate chicks due to dominant roo being single barred)

CHO1: Orpington- currently chocolate silver laced project

CHO2: Orpington- chocolate

CHO3: Orpington- chocolate/chocolate split to mottled

CL1: Legbar- crested cream--this pen is derived from multiple sources with emphasis on proper cream coloring 

CL2: Legbar- crested cream--this pen is mostly C line from Greenfire farms.  I have some directly from GFF and at least 3 other sources which includes some Rees line influence and some B line influence  

CL3 (blue egg): Legbar- crested cream--this pen has Rees line roos direct from GFF over primarily C line hens.  This pen and CL2 have been focused on establishing the correct cream coloring

CL3 (marans egg): Autosexing- Olive Egger-- this is a Rees line cream legbar rooster over golden cuckoo marans pullets

CSLO:  Orpington: black split to lavender roo over cuckoo split to lavender and cuckoo hens--produces sex linked chicks, solid pullets and cuckoo cockerels

CO/LCO: Orpington- buff cuckoo columbian roo over lemon cuckoo hens

DO: Orpington- delaware (cuckoo columbian)

EE: Easter egger- this pen has 2 frizzled roosters and 1 wheaten ameraucana rooster over a variety of ameraucana and EE hens

EE2: Easter egger- this pen has a splash ameraucana over frizzled EE hens

GCM: Marans- golden cuckoo--these are autosexing chicks though they can be a bit more challenging to sex than other auto sexing breeds 

GCM2: Marans- golden cuckoo--these are autosexing chicks though they can be a bit more challenging to sex than other autosexing breeds

GLO: Orpington- gold laced

GLO2: Orpington- gold laced (GFF, Fancy Chick, Heirloom, Orpingtons USA, and likely a few others)

J/BJO: Orpington- jubilee roo over blue and splash jubilee hens--yields blue jubilee and jubilee orpingtons

J/BJO2: Orpington- jubilee roo over blue jubilee and jubilee hens--yields blue jubilee and jubilee orpingtons

J/BJO3: Orpington- jubilee and blue jubilee-- can get blue/black/splash jubilee from this pen

J/TP: Project- jubilee roo over tolbunt polish hen as original cross--this pen is F2 cross of offspring and I am getting jubilee, mottled, and tolbunt and some variations

JO1: Orpington- jubilee (Fancy Chick)

JO3: Orpington- jubilee (no one line)

LCO: Orpington- lemon cuckoo

LCO2: Orpington- lemon cuckoo (A Different Chick Farm)

LCO3: Orpington- lemon cuckoo

LCO4: Orpington- lemon cuckoo (was Co/LCO)

LM: Marans- lavender

LMO: Orpington- lavender mottled over lavender split to mottled and lavender mottled

LMO2: Orpington- lavender mottled

LO: Orpington- lavender 

LS: Orpington- Silver Laced (from Daniel Velasquez)

LVCO: Orpington- lavender cuckoo (made here on the farm with english orpingtons)

M/BMO: Orpington- Blue mottled over spangled/mottled, black split to spangled/mottled, and blue spangled/mottled hens--yields blue, black, and splash spangled/mottled

MFO: Orpington- mille fleur orpington project

MSLO: Orpington- mottled split to lavender

PBr: Brahma- blue partridge roo over blue, splash and black partridge hens--yields blue, black, splash partridge

PO: Orpington- partridge

R: Rhodebar- autosexing breed direct from Greenfire

RB: this pen has ameraucanas, marans, and olive eggers and can yield pure ameraucanas, pure marans, or first or second generation olive eggers. 

S/CO: Orpington- currently blue cuckoo over cuckoo

S/MO: Orpington- spangled/mottled (Autumn Farms)

SH: Svart Hona- Swedish Black Hen (Over Easy Chicken Ranch and Gold Feather Farms)

SH2: Svart Hona

SL/BBS: Orpington- silver laced roo over blue and splash hens and F2 (blue laced silver) hens--yields blue or black based chicks, but blues have been growing out with phenomenal lacing. 

SL/CHO: Orpington- silver laced roo over silver laced and chocolate hens (Ewe Crazy)--yields silver laced and black splits

SLEE: sex linked olive egger

SLO: Orpington- silver laced (Autumn Farms)

SLO2: Orpington- silver laced

SLO3: Orpington- silver laced (daniel velasquez)

SLO4: Orpington- silver laced

SLO5: Orpington- silver laced

S1: Serama

S2: Serama

SS1: Silkie, sizzle, frilkie combined variety color pen

TOP: Orpington- tolbunt project F4

TOP2: Orpington- tobunt project F5

TP: Polish- smooth tolbunt roo over one smooth and one frizzled tolbunt hen