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Tentative Ship Date/Pick Up Date by Order Number

Updated 8/23/2023-

Please NOTE that if there are multiple dates listed, it is simply that your order may come available on one of those dates.  Because we are dealing with live animals and the egg and chick quantity varies each week I have to have multiple plans and options EVERY week.  Multiple dates does NOT mean your order will be shipped at different times.  If one or more of the listed dates DO NOT work for you, please let me know so I can make a note on your order.  Thanks!!  

ALSO, if your date has passed, it means I was unable to ship your order for some reason.  I will always roll those orders to the next week and with priority.  If you are open to subs to ensure your order goes out sooner than later, please reach out to let me know. 

Ship day is Tuesday generally and occasionally Monday/Wednesday. 
Please recognize that we are dealing with live animals that often do not cooperate with our best intentions.  This is an ESTIMATE.  
I almost always have something that can ship on any given week.  If you are flexible about your order and the ship date is the most important thing, reach out to me and let me know.  Then we can discuss sub options in order to get your order out.  

5668c 9/12 or 9/17
reach out to me if you check this. I have some chicks can be picked up locally. 
5696e reach out to me if you check this
5813 9/12 or 9/17
5826 pending lay/fertility
5828 9/12 or 9/17
5855 pending lay/fertility
5860 pending lay/fertility
5861 pending lay/fertility
5877 8/29 or 9/12
5881 9/12 or 9/26