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Tentative Ship Date/Pick Up Date by Order Number

Updated 7/2/2024-
HEAT WAVE- we have temps if 110+ for the next 9 days so at this point we cannot ship anything. Local pick up is available.  

Apologies.  We have had multiple disasters in the last month which have really pushed back timeframes for our orders.  This week we had zero chicks hatch due to an error by one of my farm hands.  It was a custom set hatch to fill 90% of my remaining orders.  Losing it was a massive loss for me.  I have set eggs again but didn't have nearly as many available.  I will see what I can do to ship next week but temp predictions right now are not favorable. 

Ship day is Tuesday generally and occasionally Monday/Wednesday. 
Please recognize that we are dealing with live animals that often do not cooperate with our best intentions.  This is an ESTIMATE.  
I almost always have something that can ship on any given week.  If you are flexible about your order and the ship date is the most important thing, reach out to me and let me know.  Then we can discuss sub options in order to get your order out.  
I am going to start removing "SHIPPED" status orders that are more than one week old to make it easier for folks to find their order number

5916 6/25 or 7/9
5941 PARITAL 5/7, remainder 6/25 or 7/9

eggs: SHIPPED 4/16

chicks: 6/25 or 7/9

5976 6/25 or 7/9
5990 6/25 or 7/9
6017 6/25 or 7/9
6026-6027 pending
6028/6062 6/25 or 7/9
6035 6/25 or 7/9
6063 6/25 or 7/9