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Tentative Ship Date by Order Number

Updated 01/16/2022-
We are currently still closed.  We are taking preorders but not much is laying currently.  Usually by the end of January most of the girls start picking back up to lay.  We will usually start shipping some limited orders in February. 
I will start to assign ship dates as soon as the breeds are laying and confirmed fertile.  Until that time, I will not assign any dates as it is too much of a guess. 
Please recognize that we are dealing with live animals that often do not cooperate with our best intentions.  This is an ESTIMATE.  Likely at least 10-25% of the orders listed below will have some change or modification. 
I almost always have something that can ship on any given week.  If you are flexible about your order and the ship date is the most important thing, reach out to me and let me know.  Then we can discuss sub options in order to get your order out.  
4809 pending (1st in line 55s-eggs)
4905 pending (2nd in line 55s)-eggs
4913 partially shipped, remainder pending
4953 pending (1st in line 55s-chicks)
5047 re-ship pending lay/fertility
5168 pending fertility
5225 re-ship pending lay/fertility
5229 pending lay/fertility
5231 pending lay/fertility
5232 tentative 11/30/21
5234 pending lay/fertility
5238 pending lay/fertility

pending lay/fertility


pending lay/fertility


tentative 11/30/21


pending lay/fertility


pending additional chicks ordered


pending lay/fertility