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Tentative Ship Date/Pick Up Date by Order Number

Updated 1/28/2023-

We are just starting to move toward setting eggs and checking fertility.  If you want to check on what's laying visit this page:

I will keep updating, but hope to start some hatching egg shipments toward middle of Feb and Chicks prob very end of Feb to beginning of March. 

Ship day is Tuesday generally and occasionally Wednesday. 
Please recognize that we are dealing with live animals that often do not cooperate with our best intentions.  This is an ESTIMATE.  
I almost always have something that can ship on any given week.  If you are flexible about your order and the ship date is the most important thing, reach out to me and let me know.  Then we can discuss sub options in order to get your order out.  
4856 10/4 replacement chicks
4913 partially shipped, remainder pending
5254 will hatch to order when customer ready. 
5256 (marked as fulfilled but still owe eggs) open to other options, silver laced no longer available...
5296 pending lay/fertility; change to opal legbars
5353 available for pick up
5469 (refund for balance or send balance- open to either)
5511 10/4
5521 10/4
5540 early spring 2023
5545 early spring 2023
5546 early spring 2023
5553 early spring 2023
5555 through 5595 early spring 2023