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Tentative Ship Date by Order Number

Updated 8/12/21-
***UPDATE*** We look to have a good shipping window for 8/24 for chicks and hatching eggs.  
Please recognize that we are dealing with live animals that often do not cooperate with our best intentions.  This is an ESTIMATE.  Likely at least 10-25% of the orders listed below will have some change or modification. 
I almost always have something that can ship on any given week.  If you are flexible about your order and the ship date is the most important thing, reach out to me and let me know.  Then we can discuss sub options in order to get your order out.  
I am having fertility issues with golden cuckoo marans and silver laced orps.  We may have to wait until fall when the weather cools down for those breeds.  ALSO, the 55s may have stopped laying.  I was able to get almost caught up.  I may have enough eggs in the bator to fill the last chick order but those waiting on hatching eggs... we will just have to wait and see...
#4809 pending (1st in line 55s-eggs)
#4905 pending (2nd in line 55s)-eggs
#4913 partially shipped
#4953 pending (1st in line 55s-chicks)
#4968 pending (3rd in line 55s- eggs)
#5049 pending fertility
5074 pending fertility
5100 pending fertility
5148 pending
5152 pending weather
5160 08/21, needs saturday ship date
5168 pending fertility
5173 08/24
5175 pending weather
5182 08/24
5184 not laying well enough to fill full order
5185 08/24
5186 08/24 pending candling results
5187 08/24
5188 08/24 pending candling results
5199 08/24 pending candling results