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Elastic Chick Leg Bands

Elastic Chick Leg Bands

$ 5.95

Each package will include 100 leg bands either multi-color in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and yellow OR white/clear.  I cannot live without these on the farm.  They have saved me so much head ache in keeping track of chicks as they grow from day olds to 6-8 week olds. Free shipping on these or they can easily be included with your chick or hatching egg orders!!
The best thing about these bands is the elasticity so you have some wiggle room if you forget to change them right on time. They are easy to put on and take off and with three different sizes, you can keep your chicks banded up to 8 weeks old.  At that age I find zip ties to work well as they don't need to be changed so frequently. 
Bands come in the following sizes: 
Size 4--3/16"  Excellent for day old poultry. I use these on both bantams and large fowl for the first two weeks.  I find the large fowl will need a new band by 2 weeks old but the bantams can usually stay in these until 3 weeks old. 
Size 5--1/4" This size is great for larger day old chicks and as the transition up from those that started in the size 3 bands.  I most often use these from 2-5 weeks old depending on chick size. 
Size 6--5/16" This is the last size of leg band I consistently use and works generally for 5-8 week old chicks. 
Bands come in the following color options: neon multicolor or clear/white.

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