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Chicks:  Minimum order is 6 chicks.  All chicks will ship on Monday-Wednesday with hard boiled eggs, fruit, sometimes grogel, feed, and a heat pack if required or requested.  All chicks are straight run (undetermined sex) unless otherwise indicated. As available, I will generally include at least 1 extra chick or more if I can, although sometimes based on the hatch I may not have extras of your requested breed.  I reserve the right to include "packing peanuts" as extras as I see fit for warmth or the safety of the chicks, but will never include known cockerels in this way.  There is a live guarantee for chicks upon arrival when delivered within two days of shipping.  Chicks noted to be weak upon delivery will be guaranteed for 48 hours following arrival.  For any losses upon arrival or within 48 hours of arrival (assuming proper brooder management), refunds or store credit will be given.  If replacements are to be issued, it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for shipping and purchase additional chicks to reach a minimum of 6.

Eggs:  There is no minimum egg order.  Eggs are generally available to ship on most days per request but generally will ship Monday-Wednesday.  Eggs will ship Priority Mail unless otherwise requested. All eggs will be individually bubble wrapped and placed in box pointy side down.  There is no guarantee on shipped eggs.  There are simply too many variables.  I do regular fertility checks and send plenty of extras whenever possible.  

Juveniles:  Juvenile chickens will ship via Express Mail on Monday- Wednesday with grogel, feed, fruit, and veggies.  There generally will not be any extras given with any purchase of juveniles.  They will be guaranteed for live arrival and for 48 hours following arrival, assuming proper brooder or coop management.

Specials:  I will be running weekly specials which will likely be posted on my Facebook page.  So take a moment to visit the page and "LIKE" to get access to all specials and promotions. Click button below to visit FACEBOOK site.  

Order Cancellations:  If order is cancelled within 48 hours, there will be a $5 cancellation fee.  This is your "buyers remorse" window. :-)  After 48 hours and your order has been placed on the shipping schedule, any cancelled hatching egg order will result in a $15 or 20% fee whichever is greater.  Any chick order cancelled prior to the time I have set eggs for your order will be charged a $25 processing fee.  After I have set eggs for your order and dedicated my incubator space to your order, any cancellation will be charged a $50 processing fee or 25% of the cost for your total order, whichever is greater.