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Shipping Rates

General shipping rates listed below.  For those of you within CA and in the western continental US, you will be on the low end of the range.  Those of you on the east cost will be on the high end. Unfortunately USPS has raised their express shipping prices by 15% and also eliminated their online postage reduction which essentially accounts for another 15%.  So, my shipping rates for 2016 just went up 30%.  I will gradually bring my prices back in line with what I am being charged but for now have only increased the express prices by $5 for each region.  I will see how it works with these rates, but may need to raise them a bit after I ship for a few weeks and see what my postage bills are.  My apologies, this is a big hit from the USPS. 


(minimum order of 6 chicks for shipping, minimum of 3 chicks for local pick up)

Priority Express 6-20 chicks: $35-45

Priority Express 21+ chicks: $45-55

Free Local Pick-Up in Redding, CA


Hatching Eggs:

Priority 1-10 eggs: $10-15

Priority 11-16 eggs: $13-20

Priority 17- 29 egg: $15-25

Priority 30-39 eggs: $20-30

Priority 40+ eggs: $25-45