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Variety pack of large fowl (straight run)- 6 OR 10 chicks (select ship date)

Variety pack of large fowl (straight run)- 6 OR 10 chicks (select ship date)

$ 60.00

This pack will include all large fowl breeds which can include ayam cemani, autosexing breeds (bielefelders, legbars, marans, olive eggers, rhodebars, 55 flowery hens), blue/black/splash laced red wyandottes, easter eggers, marans- golden cukoo, blue/black/splash copper, lavender), brahmas (bbs partridge, bbs buff columbian), olive eggers, svart hona (swedish black hen), and orpingtons which may include but is not limited to: black, blue, blue cuckoo, blue jubilee, blue laced red project, blue mottled, blue silver laced, chocolate, chocolate cuckoo, chocolate split to mottled, chocolate mottled, chocolate x silver laced, cuckoo, delaware (cuckoo columbian), gold laced, jubilee, lavender, lavender cuckoo, lavender mottled, mille fleur project, partridge, silver laced, splash, splash jubilee, tolbunt project, and any other color I am working with which I may have forgotten to list.  No requests please.  These will be sent based on what's available on any given week and will include at least 4 different breeds/colors.  You can also double the order for combinations of 12, 16, or 20 chicks.

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