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Variety Orpington Pack- 6+ chicks (hatch date 03/19/24)

Variety Orpington Pack- 6+ chicks (hatch date 03/19/24)

$ 70.00 $ 95.00

This will include a variety of large fowl orpington chicks which will be chosen from the following orpington colors hatching this week:  blue, black, splash, bbs laced red project, choclate mottled, gold laced, lavender laved, chocolate, chocolate split to mottled, lemon cuckoo, and others I may have forgotten.  I am fine if you indicate any request you may have with the placement of the order but I offer NO guarantee that I will be able to meet ANY of your requests.   IF I can, I will but it's just a likely that I won't as these are filled purely with what is left after I have filled pre-paid orders for this ship date, which will always receive priority as they are paid at full price. :-)

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