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Variety Hatching Egg- All breeds- Available now

Variety Hatching Egg- All breeds- Available now

We currently have 40 in stock.
$ 4.00

Eggs will be sent from whatever pens I have on hand that are laying. No requests please.  Generally this will include mostly large fowl but there may be some bantam eggs as well. As of 01/11/17, this is laying and fertile enough to ship: bantam silkies/sizzles, sex linked bbs orps, lavender marans, bbs copper marans, golden cuckoo marans, cream legbars, easter eggers, svart hona, olive eggers, jubilee/blue jubilee orps, lavender orps, ayam cemani, bbs mottled orps, cuckoo/lavender cuckoo orps, rainbow layer pen (ameraucana, olive eggers, marans) and two project orp pens (mille fluer and buff/blue columbian).

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