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Rainbow Layer Mix Hatching Egg

Rainbow Layer Mix Hatching Egg

$ 4.00

Price is PER EGG!!

Currently these eggs will come primarily from a pen that has ameraucanas, marans, and olive eggers.  Eggs will either be blue, dark olive, or dark chocolate brown.  Because I have pure birds in each category, you can end up with the same egg color you hatched from and hatch pure chicks from any of the three breeds.  Or, you can get first or second generation olive eggers.  I only have blue copper and splash marans in the pen.  For ameraucanas, I have blue, splash, black, and wheaten.  The olive eggers in the pen are all pea combed and tufted and in a variety of colors.  The eggs you will get will resemble the eggs in positions 4-8 and 11, if you start in the top row and count clockwise.  I may include eggs from other pens that are the same colors to assist in the goal of a diverse group of "rainbow" egg layers. 

IF you would like a more diverse color of eggs to represent the picture, then please place that as a request after you load this item in your shopping cart.  Immediately under the item in the cart, there is a blue all caps text titled "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS".  Click on this box and a text area will open up for any comments. 

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