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Rainbow Layer Mix Chicks

Rainbow Layer Mix Chicks

$ 15.00

Currently these chicks will come from a pen that has ameraucanas, marans, and olive eggers. Chicks will be hatched from Olive Egger, Marans, or Ameraucana eggs.  Because I have pure birds in each category, you can end up with pure marans, pure ameraucanas, or first or second generation olive eggers.   I only have blue copper and splash marans in the pen.  For ameraucanas, I have white, blue, splash, black, and wheaten.  The olive eggers in the pen are all pea combed and tufted and in a variety of colors.  The eggs you will get will from these when adults will resemble the eggs pictured below minus the first three eggs in the top row and the first egg in the bottom row.

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