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Orpington- Isabel Laced/Isabel Lavender Laced Chick

Orpington- Isabel Laced/Isabel Lavender Laced Chick

$ 35.00

The original cross for these birds was gold laced and lavender.  I have third and fourth generation birds from my program.  My original birds came from Geri at Oceanside Orpingtons.  I subsequently outcrossed them to my Gold Laced Orpingtons and breed the offspring to each other as well as back an original cock from Geri.   That is the foundation for my current breeding program.  They are not to be confused with another generation of birds which was developed by crossing silver laced with lavender.  Historically, the SL/Lav cross has been called lavender laced while the GL/Lav cross has been called Isabel Laced/Isabel Lavender Laced.

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