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Olive Egger- Chick (hatch date 01/30/18)

Olive Egger- Chick (hatch date 01/30/18)

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These will be either F2 or F3 crosses. At this point I am including both and not allowing specification. There are multiple crosses used to get these Olive Eggers. The first is a marans x ameraucana, the second is a marans x crested cream legbar, and the third is a golden cuckoo marans x cream legbar. The primary goal of this pen is simply to get a variety of olive colored eggs. The egg in the bottom row far right is an actual olive colored egg from this pen. The egg in the top row, 2nd one in from the left side is comparable to the color of egg from which the F2s are hatched but you can get various shades of olives from very light to very dark.  Additionally, some of these chicks may end up being frizzled. 

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