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Hatching Eggs

Days are getting longer and the eggs are starting to come on.  Eggs listed on these pages are "PRE-ORDER" eggs, meaning they are not immediately available.  Generally by the end of January, most of my breeds are laying, but as of right now there are many breeds that have not yet resumed laying.  Eggs will ship as soon as they are available but I will always confirm that it's a good time for you to received them prior to sending. If you are looking for eggs available to ship within days to a week, please refer to the "Available Now" section of my website.

If you would like your hatching eggs held at the post office for pick up, please check that box in your shopping cart or attach a note to the order indicating "HOLD FOR PICK-UP".  Thank you!!  There are two reasons eggs may be listed as sold out. First, I may have received more pre-orders than I am comfortable having, so I will mark the eggs sold out until I have caught up with my pre-orders.  Second, the birds may be molting, not laying, or be having fertility issues.   If you would like a breed that is listed as sold out, please feel free to message me to inquire about availability.